5 foot something with the skinny jeans

Hey there! I'm Rachel and I'm 22 years old! I grew up in New York City and my current adventure brought me to Virginia. I am a former dancer turned law student. My activities include traveling, running, Crossfit, spinning, various strength training, light hiking, and cooking. I eat 80% Paleo and 100% Gluten Free, except for one cheat day per week.

Love almonds!
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Fast food increases risk of depression
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Fit 2 Healthy
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Did Crossfit at 6:45am today!!
The workout was…

6 burpees
5 SDHP (25 lbs)
10 box walks

9x push jerks at 55 lbs

EMOM (every 3 minutes) for 21 minutes
15 box jumps
10 DB snatches (20 lbs)
5 burpee box walk-overs

It was HARD, and the people in the class were total badasses. I finished every single set with time to spare, but I was using the lowest weight and a smaller box. Crossfit is one of the most humbling experiences because no matter how good you are, there will be people kicking your ass during the WOD. But I love it :)

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everyone who thinks im cute because theyve seen my selfies online have got a nother thing coming tbh lol……………. cameras cannot pick up how beautiful i am in real life

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Reblogged this before… And reblogging it again
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Saying it’s okay to rape someone because they are a “slut” and have sex a lot is like saying it’s okay to rob someone because they donate a lot to charity.

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Did a spin class and then my first Crossfit class back at my gym. One of my coaches is pregnant and I am SO excited for her!!
Today is a law school only day.
Tomorrow morning, I’m back at Crossfit :)